The 9 Most Common Roof Leaks

The 9 Most Common Roof Leaks By: Joseph Dowell No one thinks about roof leaks until, well, their roof is leaking. Don’t panic! It’s probably been leaking for months – you’re just now noticing. My advice is to not call the first roofing listing you find; instead, seek out referrals and do a little research. […]

A Roof for All Seasons

A Roof for All Seasons By Joseph Dowell Imagine wearing the same outfit for decades. No matter your mood, no matter the season, no matter your personality, physique, or current styles, you always wear the brown suit. I hope you like it. In fact, I hope it is tailor made, a perfect fit. When you […]

What Warranty?

What Roofing Warranty? By Joseph Dowell The majority of roofing contractors at any given time will not be in business 10 to 15 years down the road. When they go out of business, so does your warranty. When considering a contractor for your next roofing project, please do not select a contractor based on their […]

Roof Maintenance is Just Plain Common Sense

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Roof Maintenance is Just Plain Common Sense By Joseph Dowell What happens when a novice driver gets a car or truck and never changes the oil? Eventually he or she will “blow the engine”. It is well known that a vehicle requires regular maintenance to maximize its life. Less well known is that a roof […]