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Residential Roofing Murfreesboro, TN

As a Murfreesboro, TN homeowner and investor, owner Joseph Dowell knows first-hand the destructive powers of storms to Rutherford County and surrounding communities. As a Murfreesboro, TN business, we are perfectly positioned to repair, replace, and rebuild our Middle Tennessee community. It is well-known that after every major storm, there is an initial wave of work that benefits all roofing contractors, even (perhaps, especially) the storm chasing variety. Less well-known is the second and third wave of work that benefits only the top contractors.

The second wave of work derives from the calls from frantic homeowners that can no longer reach the storm-chasing roofing company that sold them a roof. Their roof is leaking, and even though they were sold on that awesome 15-year workmanship warranty, the number they had doesn’t seem to work anymore. By this point, the storm chaser is halfway across the country, operating under a different name and number.

The third wave of work derives from frustrated and angry homeowners that have had to deal with repairs and tarps on their roof, adversarial insurance adjusters, and attorney’s fees. Their new roofs are so incredibly shoddy that they require extensive repair, even replacement.

Dowell Roofing offers homeowners beautiful roofs, fair prices, and–most importantly–local, rock-solid craftsmanship. We want an opportunity to serve you immediately after Middle Tennessee’s next big storm. You’ll sleep better under a Dowell Roof.

Rely on Dowell Roofing to get the job done professionally and in a timely manner!

“Straw bosses” will give the illusion of managing a construction project. “Door knockers” will feign expertise at whatever they are selling. However, Dowell Roofing is concerned only about quality craftsmanship. We don’t have to knock on doors to sell exceptionalism. Our robust referral business is proof that honesty and quality sell themselves.

Common leaks for home roofs include:

  • Bathroom boot leaks occur when the watertight seal (the boot) around PVC plumbing pipes protruding from the roof dry rots, cracks, and splits. A common indication of this is a water stain in the ceiling of your kitchen or bath.
  • Chimney leaks typically occur at the corners of a chimney. Chimney construction is so varied that many roofers do not know how to properly roof them, thus resulting in chimney leaks, such as masonry leaks and counter-flashing leaks.
  • Valley leaks occur when two or three roofs intersect, creating a low point between the adjacent slopes. Water will then funnel into these valleys. Leaks that occur here are due to age or improper materials being used to strengthen the valley.
  • Blown-off shingles can cause leaks, yet quality, dimensional shingles rarely blow off if properly installed. Blown-off shingles are usually the result of lightweight, low quality shingles or improper roofing installation.