Cedar Roofs – 4 Reasons Why They Are So Popular, Dowell Roofing, Murfreesboro Roofers
October 15, 2015

Cedar Roofs – 4 Reasons Why They Are So Popular

Cedar Roofs – 4 Reasons Why They Are So Popular

Cedar Roofs – 4 Reasons Why They Are So Popular

As you begin looking into different roofing options, you will start to discover the various advantages of different materials. There is no perfect option to fit everyone’s needs, style, or budget, however, so it is important to determine which qualities matter the most to you.

One popular option for residential roofs is cedar shakes or shingles. Cedar is a gorgeous type of wood that looks great on any home and holds up well to inclement weather. Homeowners that live in climates where punishing storms are common would benefit from the strength of cedar shingles or shakes.

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Ease of Installation

Cedar shingles and shakes are very easy to install, which is a plus for just about any home improvement project you can think of. This means that the project can be completed much faster than roofing options that are more difficult to work with.

Roofing professionals love working with cedar shingles and shakes because they are easy to properly install but do not sacrifice durability or strength. While they may be simple to install, that doesn’t mean cedar roofing is easy to damage!

Beautiful Look

If style is important to you, then a cedar roof might be the perfect choice. Cedar shingles and shakes provide a sought-after rustic look that only gets better with age.

A cedar roof instantly upgrades the curb appeal of any home. The look of cedar shingles and shakes is just timeless and harkens back to a bygone era. Taking on a distinguished, historic look over time means that the extended life of cedar roofs doesn’t mean it will look weathered and weakened in the process.


Cedar roofs are extremely durable, lasting up to ten years longer than asphalt shingles. While it may cost more than less durable options, the longer life and enhanced durability can make up for the higher initial expense.

Cedar shakes and shingles hold up tremendously to strong rain and wind producing storms. If you live in a climate like we have here in Middle Tennessee, a cedar roof is just the answer to those brutal summer storms and harshly winter weather as well.

Energy Efficient

Something that a lot of people are focusing on with home improvement projects in this day and age is energy efficiency.

Cedar roofs are very effective at insulating a home – twice as effective as asphalt roofs. This means less heat and cool air escape a home through the roof, keeping energy bills lower throughout the year. Cedar is also renewable, natural, and sometimes recyclable, cutting down of waste and carbon emissions.

Biodegradable materials, such as cedar, are becoming popular environmentally friendly housing material options. The reason for this is that as they need to be replaced, they will not be dumped in a landfill, but they will break down naturally and become organic material over time.

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