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April 11, 2024

How To File A Roofing Damage Insurance Claim In Murfreesboro, TN

A properly-installed roof should safeguard your home for at least one to two decades. However, a major storm can change these expected benefits in a single night. 

Spotting roof damage after a severe storm hits your property can be a challenging experience. Going through the entire claim process and dealing with insurance adjusters can be even more overwhelming.  

But if this is your first time filing a roof damage insurance claim, you likely need help understanding the crucial steps to take or where to begin. That’s where Dowell Roofing comes in handy.

So, if  you are like thousands of other Murfreesboro natives who don’t understand how to file roof damage insurance claims or who deal with their insurer remotely when they require roofing services to restore their property. If that is the case, you have come to the right place.

This post will explain the seven steps to follow when filing an insurance claim for roof storm damage.

7 Steps to Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Roof

1. Assess and Document Your Roof Damage.

Once the severe storm has cleared and it’s safe to remain outdoors, get on your roof and analyze just how severe the damage is. This is the initial step when filing a roof damage insurance claim in Murfreesboro, TN. 

While this does nothing to help your claim get approved, it enables you to decide whether it’s worth beginning the process. 

Some problems are visible from inside your home, like water stains, a large downed tree, or missing shingles. However, other kinds of roof damage may be less obvious and you need to use a ladder to get on top of your roof and have a look. 

If you are not sure you can inspect the damage accurately yourself, you can hire a local Murfreesboro roofing company to assess the storm damage on your behalf. 

Depending on what they offer, the roofer may give you a comprehensive report of what is wrong with your roof and how to fix those problems. Some roofers have hired certified adjusters who will negotiate with your insurer for you. After this assessment, you should document every aspect of your roof damage. This will help you have some proof or backup when filing insurance claims. 

2. Find Out What Your Homeowner’s Policy Covers

Now that you understand precisely where your roof was damaged and have documented all the potential problems, you can decide whether your homeowner’s policy covers what you assessed.

Before filing an insurance claim for roof damage in Murfreesboro, you need to know your rights with your insurance policy provider. 

Go through your insurance files to ensure that damage to your roof is covered in your policy. Make a note of any other important details, like what kind of damage is covered.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately

After analyzing your homeowner’s policy, the next step is to contact your insurer to file a claim for roof storm damage. This will help you discuss your situation and learn about their particular requirements or procedures.

This can help you avoid wasted time when filing a claim, particularly if you are partially covered for roof repairs. States normally provide two kinds of roofing coverage, so request your insurance provider to clarify which type you have: Actual Cash value or repair coverage has higher premiums and a higher deductible.

4. Obtain a Storm Damage Roof Inspection

The next step after reaching out to your insurance company is a detailed roof inspection. Your roofing contractor and insurance adjuster need to conduct their inspections.

The one conducted by the insurance company will be performed by a public adjuster who examines the roof damage to know the final costs, while yours can be through a private roofing contractor in Murfreesboro to find an accurate quote.

5. File Your Roof Damage Insurance Claim

With all the evidence you have gathered and the roofing quote in hand, it’s time to file a roof insurance claim utilizing the form offered by your insurer. Include every piece of detail you can. With the assistance your insurer offers, file a roof claim utilizing the form your insurer offers.

 Make sure you include all evidence and information your insurer offers. If the storm has damaged your interiors, ensure that you include all receipts of furniture that was destroyed, and an estimate of how much it will cost to repair the interior. If the damage is so severe that your family will be forced to reside in a hotel, be sure to include this expense as well. 

6. Meet With An Insurance Adjuster

We understand that it can be frustrating, but now you will need to invite an adjuster to your home. The adjuster will inspect your roof to check the damage and verify it on behalf of your insurance company. 

If you can manage, have the Murfreesboro roofing contractor you have chosen be present when the adjuster comes over so they can evaluate your roof repair requirements together.

7. Schedule Your Roofing Services After Your insurance Claim Has Been Approved

After your insurer approves your roof damage claim, it’s time to schedule your roof replacement or repair. The settlement quote is normally enough to fix the damage correctly; it’s time to hire the Murfreesboro roofing contractor of choice.

We hope this was a helpful resource in filing a claim. At Dowell Roofing, we are here to help you assess and fix your roof!

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