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February 19, 2015

Roof Damage After a Storm: What to Look For

Roof Damage After a Storm: What to Look For

Dowell Roofing in Murfreesboro, TN can help with storm damage to your roof.

Spring in Middle Tennessee is on its way and we all know what that means: storms, storms and more storms. When storms make their way through Murfreesboro, our roofs are at risk for extensive damage. Once a storm has ended, it’s imperative to safely check your roof for damage.

Check for Tree Limbs and Storm Debris

When you go outside and notice several tree branches, limbs and any other sort of debris scattered around the perimeter of your home, there is a good chance that your roof has taken a hit. From the ground, see if you can notice any physical damage to your roof. If you cannot see anything from the ground, but are concerned, call a roofing contractor to inspect your roof right away.  

You’ll Hear the Impact

During a typical storm, you’ll hear thunder and see the lightning. But if you hear a loud and unfamiliar ‘bang’ or other noise, your roof may have gotten hit. If possible, safely go up to your attic (if applicable), and see if anything has fallen into your home. Once again, make sure that safety is your number one priority during a storm. If it is unsafe to check, wait it out and call a professional roofer the next day.

Missing Shingles

During a Middle Tennessee storm, wind can be one of the harshest elements. This weather element can completely destroy shingles on your roof. After a storm, if you notice shingles missing on your roof, it is in your best interest to call a roofer to look at the damage and repair it as soon as possible.

Dowell Roofing of Murfreesboro, TN is ready to help you repair any roofing damage you may have. In addition, we can properly and thoroughly inspect your roof after a Middle Tennessee storm. Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection!

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