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February 8, 2018

Roof Safety Tips

Roof Safety Tips


While you should always trust a professional to take care of all your roofing problems, you may encounter a situation where you need to be on top of your roof. Anytime you are on the roof of your Murfreesboro home, use these roof safety tips from Dowell Roofing.

Never Go On Your Roof Alone

If you have to go on your roof, make sure you have someone with you or watching you. In the case that you slip and fall, or another emergency situation occurs, your trusted individual can assist you or find the necessary help immediately.

Wear a Safety Harness

It’s not always necessary to wear a safety harness when you go up on your roof, but it’s certainly a good idea, especially if it’s your first time or if your roof is extremely high or steep. Just make sure that it is securely fastened before you go up.

Never Go On the Roof While It’s Raining

This tip is standard common sense. When it’s raining, your roof becomes slippery and a major hazard. If you must go on your roof, make sure it’s a day with great weather and no rainstorms in sight.

Wear Durable and Sturdy Shoes

Walking on your roof is not an easy task already. Wearing slippery shoes or shoes without proper traction is just asking for an accident to happen. To properly inspect your roof or fix any damage, wear sturdy footwear such as boots with good traction to prevent any slips. If your typical work boots are getting old, double check that the traction is still good on them. In this case, it’s definitely better safe than sorry.

Always Be Alert

A variety of bad situations can occur if you do not focus on your task. When on top of your roof, always pay attention to what you’re doing.

Practice Ladder Safety

Your roof isn’t the only dangerous place for you to be. Climbing ladders can also be likely places for you to get injured. Always follow the warning labels on your ladder and never use one that is broken or looks like it could be damaged. Keep the base of the ladder on a stable surface, don’t use the top rung as a step (unless it’s designed to be one), don’t reposition the ladder while you or another person is on the ladder, and always face the ladder while climbing. Overall, use your common sense.

Rely On a Professional Roofer

As a professional roofing contractor, Joseph Dowell from Dowell Roofing knows exactly how to correctly inspect your roof and assess any damage. Instead of putting yourself at harm by going on your roof, let an expert take care of it.

When you have a roofing issue or it’s time to have your roof inspected for the year, your one call is to Dowell Roofing. We look forward to helping you with your roofing needs in 2018!

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