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August 20, 2015

Roofing 101 – What Is Flashing and Why Is It Important?

Roofing 101 – What Is Flashing and Why Is It Important?

Roofing 101 – What Is Flashing and Why Is It Important?
Even if you’re not exactly sure what roof flashing is, the chances are that you see it quite a bit – possibly every day!

Your roof is an incredibly significant part of your home and serves as the first line of defense from storms and other outside elements. Flashing is a vital aspect of a roof that plays a very important role in maintaining the structural integrity of your roof. In other words, it helps the roof do its job.

What Is Flashing?

Red brick chimney with metal flashing installed where the chimney protrudes from the roof
Flashing is a component of a roof that prevents water from leaking through the roof and into the home. Flashing can be one of a various number of materials, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Plastic
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Lead
  • Composite materials

Metal flashing is the most expensive but also the most durable. Plastic flashing is a more affordable option that provides decent protection, but will not hold up as well as metal flashing in the elements.

Flashing is installed around any type of opening, such as chimneys, skylights, and vents.

Why Is Flashing Important?

The role of flashing is to supplement your roof by helping it keep water from seeping inside. Flashing directs the flow of water safely off of your roof and away from any openings.

Skylight with a with frame on an asphalt shingle roof with black flashing
Proper and adequate flashing will maximize the life of your roof and prevent potentially dangerous leaks and seepage. Water damage can prove to be disastrous if not tended to in a timely manner. Flashing will always be found around any roof penetration, as well as valleys, joints, grooves and projections.

Valleys of a roof are especially important to protect with flashing, as they wear down faster than other areas of a roof.

Roof Flashing Maintenance

The amount of maintenance required for your own roof flashing will depend on climate and the flashing material. Heavier metal flashing will not need as much maintenance as a PVC-based plastic flashing.

Take some time each month to visually inspect your roof flashing (from the ground!) and keep an eye out for any obvious problems, such as:

  • Rusting
  • Cracked or peeling caulk
  • Separation

If you notice any problems with your roof flashing, contact a roofing professional immediately. Damaged flashing can leave your home vulnerable to costly water damage.

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