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March 18, 2016

4 Natural Elements That Can Cause Roof Damage

4 Natural Elements That Can Cause Roof Damage

The Natural Elements That Put Your Roof in Danger

There’s a reason why the idiom “having a roof over one’s head” has popularized as a basic physiological need. Notice how people don’t just say “home,” but specifically pinpoint the roof. A roof is the home’s critical asset, the thing that’s going to keep people safe.

Although sturdy (that is, if constructed correctly) every roof is susceptible to natural elements, which separate the strong and well-maintained roofs from the weak.

Inclimate Weather (of Varying Degrees)

Heavy winds, rain, snow, and even powerful sun rays; whatever the weather may be, it will have a significant impact on any roof. Because of this, regular roof inspections are critical. It’s suggested that a roof be looked at before and after a climate’s harshest season, annually.  


In most instances, it takes a chain reaction of forces to knock a tree or large branch to the ground… or onto your roof. Chances are if a tree meets the roof, your roof is feeling the brunt of additional forces. If this happens, there’s no doubt that a roof is going to be impacted. Be sure to get it checked out ASAP to prevent further inflicting damage.

Moss and Algae

Whether you like the look of it or not, moss and algae that naturally begin to grow on top of a roof are not merely a matter of aesthetics. This seemingly harmless plant has the potential to wreak a lot of havoc on your roof if not properly taken care of.

When moss gets wet it collects and retains water like a sponge. Water travelling through the moss can manage to find its way underneath shingles, eventually penetrating a roof’s sheathing, leading to the dreaded leak.    


Roofs, although inanimate, are not ageless entities. As with anything, time will eventually take its toll. Even the best constructed roof needs an annual “check-up.”

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