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December 6, 2016

Which Roofing Shingle Is Right For Your Home?

Which Roofing Shingle Is Right For Your Home?

With so many shingle options available to Middle Tennessee homeowners, it can be hard to choose which type of shingle is right for your home. Since Dowell Roofing, a professional roofing contractor located in Murfreesboro, TN, has experience installing and working with all types of roofing shingles and materials, you can have peace of mind knowing that they’ll help you decide on the right shingle for your home.

When deciding on a shingle type, keep in mind your budget, the longevity and integrity of the shingle, and the appearance of your home. There are five common types of roofing shingles: asphalt, metal, wood, tile, and slate.

Asphalt Shingles


As the most popular type of roofing shingles in our nation, there is no short supply of asphalt shingles in Middle Tennessee. Since asphalt is the most affordable roofing shingle option, it is no wonder Murfreesboro homeowners choose this type of shingle. With a wide selection of aesthetic colors, styles and variations to choose from, this affordable shingle option may be your best choice!

Asphalt shingles offer the following benefits:

  • Adaptable to many different angles depending on your roof
  • Design variety allows singles to simulate rich architectural styles
  • Durable asphalt shingles withstand high winds and come with a class A fire rating

Metal Shingles

While metal roofs were not a popular choice not too long ago, this type of roof is popping up everywhere! Due to the incredible durability and ability to last an extended period of time, metal roofs are now becoming the shingle of choice for homes with flat or steep roofs. In addition, this shingle type can be inexpensive if the right type is chosen!

Metal shingles offer:

  • Longevity, lasting between 40 to 70 years
  • Durability, withstanding high winds are strong impacts
  • Flame resistant and will not ignite due to sparks or lightning strikes
  • Energy efficient roofs reflect the sun’s rays reducing energy cost to cool your hom
  • Environmentally friendly by being mainly composed of recycled metal

Wood Shingles

This is an expensive shingle option. However, the aesthetic qualities are remarkable! In addition, if you choose a hardwood shingle option for your home, you will experience a truly long lasting roofing shingle.

Wood shingles are:

  • Rust resistant
  • Well Insulated
  • Easy to repair or replace

Tile Shingles

Out of all the common roofing options, tile shingles are by far the most expensive. But, these shingles can last up to 80 years! On the contrary, although this material may be aesthetically pleasing and even effective, many homes are structurally unable to support the weight of the tile shingles.

Slate Shingles

Since slate shingles are more often quarried in the Northeast territory of our nation, it is more common to see this shingle type in that specific area. If you are interested in a slate roof, know that it is highly durable! Old houses that used this material are still leak-free today.

Slate shingled roofs offer the following benefits:

  • Long lasting with typical slate roofs lasting over 100 years
  • Fire resistant
  • Environmentally friendly as slate shingles produce less waste than asphalt and other types of shingles


Which type of roofing shingle sparks your interest? If you’re ready to start replacing or repairing your roof, Dowell Roofing has you covered. Call us today to schedule your roof inspection.

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