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December 17, 2018

How Hail Damage Impacts Your Roof

We might not get much snow in Middle Tennessee, but it isn’t unusual to have hail storms. Hail can cause damage to a home in numerous ways, but the area that is most vulnerable to hail is the roof.

Impact Craters

Even if hail only hits for a few minutes, it can still cause damage to your roof. Hailstones can be as small as a pea or as large as a grapefruit depending on the intensity of the storm. When hailstones hit your roof, the impact leaves small craters in the shingles. These craters can build up over time, eventually causing small holes in the roof if the damage is left unrepaired. The tricky thing is that most hail damage won’t cause leaking right away, so you may not even realize that your roof has sustained impact damage.

Damage in Other Places

Since it may not immediately cause leaking, it can be difficult to determine if hail damage has impacted your roof. We do not recommend climbing onto the roof to inspect it yourself. If you see hailstones in your yard after a storm, it is likely that some landed on your roof as well. Hail will cause damage to anything made of softer material, such as window screens, gutters, and your car. Look for damage in these places, and it might be a good indicator of whether you have damage to your roof as well.

Water Erosion

The main thing hail damage does is speed up the natural erosion of your shingles. This erosion is caused by water running over the craters and wearing away at the material of the shingle. If there is damage then the impact will only become worse the longer the impacted areas are subjected to the elements. This is why it is imperative not to wait to call a roofing company.

A Roofer You Can Trust

If you believe your home has sustained damage from hail, schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. Our experts at Dowell Roofing can provide a professional assessment of any needed repairs.

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