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November 28, 2022

What Causes Your Roof to Wear Down?

Even the most durable material will wear out over time.

The same goes for whichever type of material you have covering your roof. Even the sturdiest roof will feel the effects of nature and eventually need to be repaired or replaced.

But why?

You want your roof to stand up to the elements and act as your first line of defense against Mother Nature. The fact of the matter is that it does for a certain amount of time. However, every material will wear down at some point; it’s inevitable.

moss growing on roof, Dowell Roofing, Murfreesboro Roofers

The reason that your roof will wear out at some point can be traced back to three main causes:

UV Rays

Think about all those sunny days in the spring and summer where you escape the heat by staying indoors and enjoying the cool embrace of your air conditioning system. Pretty nice, right?

Well, your roof doesn’t have that option. It remains outside with the unforgiving sun beating down on it until it dips below the horizon. The UV rays of the sun wreak havoc on the material by heating up hydrocarbons that mix with oxygen and speed up deterioration. Clouds don’t help your roof’s situation either – they do not block UV rays.

So the next time you are relaxing on the couch, outside of the punishing heat of the Middle Tennessee sun, just think about the incessant beating your roof is taking from the sun’s harmful rays.

Thermal Shock

Another way the elements cause problems for your roof is by way of thermal shock, or expansion and contraction.

This is caused by changes and temperature and is totally unavoidable. The heat of the day causes your roof to expand and stretch out only to be forced to compress and shrink up in the cooler temperatures of the night. Different parts of your roof will expand and contract at different speeds – metals expand and contract faster than the rest of your roof.

This constant stretching and shrinking causes great stress over time and eventually results in the loosening and splitting of some areas.

Inadequate Maintenance

In order for a roof to last as long as possible, it must be properly maintained. A roof that is neglected completely or not inspected enough will deteriorate much quicker than one that receives regular maintenance.

If left ignored, gutters can fill up and be clogged for weeks, resulting in standing water and trapped moisture that can cause major damage. Mold and mildew can grow out of the ponding water and result in rotting and destruction of very important areas of your roof and can even lead to collapses.

Do yourself and your home a favor and always schedule regular roof maintenance appointments from a roofing expert.

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